a crumbling cookie.

There are three times in a year when I feel it’s a new year for me, the beginning of new things, and the 1st of September is definitely one of them (the other two are my birthday and the 1st of January). 

A whole lot has happened in these last couple of months. No I did not with the lottery nor did I join the Peace Corps, sorry. Mundane things like cutting my hair short, finishing my teaching year on a high note, reading books, doing nothing all day, changing my bedroom space, watching movies and series, making lunch for keoshi, go on a 5 hour trip on a friday just to get back on a sunday, having the worst hotel experience ever, going out with friends and party till the sun was out, going to the beach while it was raining, spending time with my family, thinking about which master’s degree to apply, going shopping, having a blast with keoshi while doing nothing… those were the things that filled up my happy soul these last couple of months. 

I haven’t done any photo editing while I was on holidays and I (almost) didn’t tweet — yes, I did went out of my way on this vacation’s period, I literally did whatever I felt I wanted to do. 

But here comes the first of September. For me summer has ended and school year starts so no more fun and games  detaching myself from the web. 

I decided I wanted to end my self-portrait journey around June and forget about the latest 365days project. I’ve written a whole post entry about it on my latest upload – feel free to read it (or not). Basically I was fed up with taking photos of myself. I want to explore other things and broaden my horizons on what concerns photography (well, not only photography!) so I’m starting out a new (yay!) 365 days project challenge that will not be about just self portraits. Excited? Yeah, me too!! (notice that this answer works both ways) 

So here’s to a new challenge and to a new year (for me)! 



and that’s how the cookie crumbles, dear people.