It has been raining all effing day. I had to run errands in the morning and it kept on raining like craaazy.



I got up really early and I had little time to sleep…so maybe that’s why today’s photo is my new king size bed. My bedroom was transferred to another place and I now have a much bigger room. This would be great news and I’d surely be jumping up and down if I was 12…now it’s just…okay. Nah, I’m joking, I love having a big room and I can even fit my treadmill in there which is awesome!

I’ve been getting these amazing ideas for new projects and I plan on starting to work on them asap. It might be a few weeks before I get classes, whether teaching or being taught (which I’m very excited about!) so I still have time to work on stuff… 

Setting all that aside…I need to sleep.