a Duck Tale

On our way home from Le Petit Bistro we spotted two asian fellows leaving a small place with a tiny door. Above the door it could be read Duck Tale, Asian Food. We were marveled. We had no knowledge about this place! After a quick search on the web we found out that, even though there isn’t many info on the place, it was a malaysian-vietnamese-thai-ish kind of place and the only review said that it was delicious.

Not wanting to waste any time, we went to try it out yesterday.
Wonderful tiny place, beautifully decorated and a nice staff. We had the gyoza and the yakitori for starters. I’ve had many, many gyoza in my life… these were the best. The dough was freshly made and I could properly taste it; the filling… oh… fireworks in my mouth. The best gyoza I’ve had ever. But amazingly what came next was even better.
As I bit the small piece of chicken in the yakitori, as it melted in my mouth, only one word came into my mind: orgasm. Yup. I kid you not.

Next I ordered green curry with vegetables and sea food and keoshi had the duck and rice. Goodness gracious me! My curry tasted a million things, one better than the next, and the seafood took me on a dive through a far away ocean.
The duck crispy skin and it’s cumin flavored fat melted away in one’s mouth and even the rice, something we have so often that we almost never pay attention to, was delicious.
As we finished our meals, we thought about ordering more gyoza…but we settled for dessert: a decadent chocolate cake for moi and a manga mousse for keoshi. I am a chocolate lover and anything I can say about that chocolate cake will sound senseless…but keoshi isn’t that great of a fan of chocolate and his words were: “I could eat the whole cake right now.” And even the mousse was amazing! Creamy, not overly sweet and had that very subtle acidic punch that only manga can offer.

These were, for certain, some of the best asian plates of food we’ve had ever. It took us to asia and made us want to stay forever.
Definitely a must try and I will most definitely go back for much more.

There will be more photos on keoshi’s blog. wait for it!

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Para todos os que quiserem saber mais:
Duck Tale — Asian Food
Rua da Escola Politécnica 257
1250-110 Lisboa

+351 967104142 ··· +351 916368557 ··· yoonchiniai@yahoo.fr

Há também take away e serviço de catering.

the menu

we could see the chef


green curry with vegetables and sea food

chocolate cake…hummm… sacrilicious