le petit bistro

Located in one of the little streets right at the heart of the capital lies Le Petit Bistro, a small and very pleasant restaurant featuring french cuisine.
The menu was hanging on the wall, on a black board and honestly everything item sounded like a little french adventure ready to happen.
keoshi and me went with friends who knew the place and the chef quite well, so we let them order for us.
Various delicious cheeses and charcuterie meats, with warm fresh bread that were to die for. We also had some bruschetta with tomato and olive oil and garlic (I must be honest though, these were a little bit strong on the garlic… but as a garlic lover I didn’t mind much). We were, by the end of the bruschetta, full of bread and cheese and meat and tomato (and garlic) and wine, so we (very thoughtfully) decided to just order dessert next.
The lemon and orange sorbet was also delicious and I just regret I didn’t order one for me.
I will definitely go back for more.

cheese and meat

the bread

olive, sardine and other pastes


the wine didn’t help with the focus… go figure! Lemon and orange sorbet