almost there.

I’m almost done with essays and presentations! I’ll have my last one next wednesday, which is awesome. So far so good.
This last friday keoshi and I went to see Four Tet —awesomeness — and got back home just in time to take Mike to the airport. Meaning, I slept ’till almost 3 pm on saturday, and spent the rest of the day working. Same as yesterday, only I woke up earlier. But that is done, and I only have got one more presentation to go! woohoo!

After wednesday I decided I need to edit all the photos from the holidays, so expect a few new photos to show up…to make up for the lack of originality (and focus! what the hell was I doing?!) of these current ones… oh well.

four tet tickets.

walks through lisbon

tea. what the hell did I do here?!

soba noodles.