mokum alef.

Just a week ago I was strolling around back in Amsterdam. I wish I was still there. Amsterdam (and all of the Netherlands) is a place very dear to my heart. It helped me be myself in a time of need, more than once. So Amsterdam and Berlin are probably, so far, my top favorite cities.

On the first day we didn’t do much even though we arrived early in the afternoon, except settle in and stroll around. Floor was very nice, explaining us what to do with the bikes and how everything worked around there. The first impression I got from the studio was that it was a small little place, but cozy and very comfortable, as we had everything we needed there. No doubt the Dutch know how to turn a tiny little space into something wonderful, and we got to see more of that a few days later.

On the second day, keoshi was having trouble with his bike and when the neighbor got out of the house and saw us there struggling he immediately asked what was the issue (definitely in a different country, I thought). Turned out he was Floor’s dad and was the one responsible for the bikes, so he got keoshi another bike and off we went. It was cold. Like painful cold… We needed to buy keoshi some gloves so he would keep his fingers intact —I thought I was safe — and luckily we got to park our bikes just next to Wagamama, so we had our lunch there, delicious!

After lunch we biked around a bit more, and then stopped our bikes and walked around just taking in the city. There was just a tiny little bit of snow here and there, but nothing that could compare to what came next.