the green and red.

On the second day of our journey to amsterdam we strolled around the red light district and went on to explore it.

I know it must be compelling and exciting to go to Amsterdam and indulge in pot smoking  guilt free moments but you don’t really need to throw it into everybody else’s face, and specially not into the Dutch’s. They don’t like it.  That said… It’s absolutely fascinating, to say the least, to walk around that part of town! There is just too much of the same thing and we often see groups of men trying to get lucky with the girls from the red lighten windows, but we also see couples hand in hand walking around and the everyday dutch walking their dog or pedaling around on their everyday affairs. And the girls on the windows are certainly nice!

We visited the Hemp Museum and I was little disappointed, there were no english signs only dutch and just a few things done with hemp…I was not impressed. To get away from the cold we entered this very cute place with delicious looking things and I had the best chocolate muffin ever! Delicious!