never mind my ears.

I solved the problem of the cold taking away my ears by buying a really warm faux fur hat with ear flaps that make my bike riding a breeze. So I got the hat the coat the turtle necks… Just forgot one tiny detail: the tips of my fingers. You see, my gloves are the fingerless type, and even though my hands hurt a bit while on the bike, the pain stopped after a while and my hands were perfectly fine. Or so I thought. Today the tips of my fingers developed a redness. I just hope they don’t go from red to purple. Tomorrow I’m gonna buy myself a set of fully fingered warm gloves!
Other than that! Do you have any idea how tilted some houses are around here? It’s amazing! I just stare at some of those places thinking of how is it that they keep their furniture from sliding off! It’s just so cool!
Two things I’m really bummed about: the okonomiyaki place is closed until the 24th and it’s already Wednesday. Sucks.