the bibliotheek.

Do you know how you can tell how amazing a place is? By their library. Yup. Can you guess how amazing the Amsterdam’s library is? on a scale of 1 to 10? 567.
The first time I was here we accidentally stumbled upon this awesome place and were amazed. And we only went to the second floor.
Today we went all the way up. So… Apart from all the amazing architecture goodies, the interior design is top notch and the most appropriate for any person who enters through those doors. Do you feel like relaxing? Go to the relaxing chairs with the white curtains hanging from the ceiling. Do you want to study in absolute silence? Go to the silence room! Do you want to go to the theatre?! By all means, go to the theatre! Oh and you can also record a song, because there’s a recording studio. In-si-de-the-li-bra-ry!!!!
Freaking awesome.
I need two more weeks here.