the all mighty white.

It was our last day in Amsterdam and we knew there was a slight chance of getting snow. At 7 am we woke up and there was nothing, so we went back to bed (or rather stayed, ’cause we never really left), and at 10 ish we woke up to the most amazing scenario. Snow, real soft fluffy and beautiful snow falling from the sky and painting everything with white. How lucky were we to get snow when we were in Amsterdam! We didn’t even grasp that until the next day, when we talked with Hans and Floor who told us that snow was not at all common around there! Awesome. We finished our breakfast with our eyes on the window, the snow was slowly stopping and we knew we had to take that chance to get on our bikes and pedal to the center — you will not believe how hard it is to cycle with a snow covered floor! But it is no doubt fun! The Vondelpark was absolutely covered with white and every one was out and playing! It was so amazing.
The city was even more beautiful in white and we walked around for a very long time this time, just taking it all in.