lobster and beef.

Because it was our last entire day in Amsterdam we walked around much much more than all the days before. We stayed until it was late night time and managed to find the crêpe place that was featured on the latest Anthony Bourdain show, Lay Over, the Upstairs Pancake House, the place that inspired the Beastie Boys to write! The name “upstairs” fits perfectly with the place because the stairs are pure Amsterdam style stairs, steep and narrow. But the crêpes, or as they call it, pancakes, were just freaking delicious! And the place was so so cozy and warm that we managed to just stay there for a while to enjoy the time…

After that we walked around more and more until it was night time. We had our bikes parked in one of the canal bridges (so very Amsterdam-ish of us! right?!) and keoshi had his eye on this very cool looking restaurant, that we had spotted a couple of nights before, when we were out on night bike rides (usually to get dinner from Subway). The restaurant was located just across the bridge we had our bikes so we decided to walk in. The place was green. Literally. The walls were green and there were old framed mirrors everywhere and a very low light illuminated the place… We were greeted by a very nice girl who sat us at a table and gave us a dutch-only menu. We had no clue. She explained that there was only two dishes there: lobster and beef, that could be cooked in two different ways each. So lobster for me, beef for keoshi. The sides came in a very original and might I say delicious way, a green salad with pine nuts and french fries, in a giant paper cone. When the meals appeared in front of us, the beef was, let’s say small in diameter but huge in height. And looked tasty as hell — I regretted having chosen the lobster, but then… came the lobster. Red and huge. Let me just say that that was the best lobster I have ever eaten, just the right amount of cooking time, not rubbery nor undercooked, amazingly seasoned with a mixture of butter and herbs. Delicious. The beef, well… it melted away in your mouth. It was no doubt the best piece of meat I have ever had and I only had a small piece. In keoshi’s words “it was the best piece of meat I have ever had in my entire life. Ever”. So yeah.
And why is there so much text and not a single picture, you might ask? Well. The place was very, very low in light. There was no way to capture that amazing meal in the right way.  The name of the restaurant is Red (funny enough) and you can visit its website.

Needless to say that was the perfect end for our last night in a snowy Amsterdam.