buongiorno Roma.

Here we are in Rome. It’s as hot as it is back home… But it’s beautiful! We’re in a cozy place that was renovated a little while ago, everything’s brand new, and we even got our own patio to have our breakfast. Very cute place.

The only bad thing was that we lost the game. But I don’t even wanna think about that…

Our taxi driver, who had to wait for almost an hour for us at the airport, showed us around and was quite nice! He told us many things about the city in a clever blend of Portuguese, French, Spanish and Italian. It amazes me ever since I visited Italy a few years ago that Italians aren’t able to speak a full sentence of English…or any other language but Italian. Luckily we pick up Italian quite well.

Let’s start exploring this city and eat some delicious stuff.

Have a nice thursday!

Still back home, Lisbon.
The pilot.
Plane food. I was starving so this tasted like a very refined meal. And I got white wine and coffee!



Our little patio.

Breakfast today.