hot sticky and beautiful Rome.

Yesterday we basically walked nearly all of Rome. We walked for several hours straight and probably got 8/9 hours of walking. But this is so totally worth it! Rome is a very beautiful city. There are ruins of the ancient Rome everywhere. So basically we walked around until we decided to have lunch in the piazza di fiori – delicious. Different types of mozzarella, focaccia, prosciutto… Delicious.
After that, and because we were at the market, I had to get a cup of fruit and that’s what we ate until we got to the Vatican. I am amazed and surprised at the enormous buildings and the intricate statues that are basically everywhere… We didn’t go in because we were exploring everything first… Then we headed to Castel Sant’ Angelo and cross a few non tourist streets and headed to Trastevere where we ate ice cream had beer and a bloody Mary, got a little tipsy and then we headed for the hotel. We stopped at a pizza place where we ate the worst pizza ever – huge mistake. With all the commotion to watch the game, the best places slip right through… But i got a rose from the owner of the place! Man, that was so weird………. Basically because he didn’t wanna pay the guy who was selling the roses… I felt really awkward.

And today I’m very tired. I couldn’t feel my feet yesterday when we got here, I was completely beaten up and all dirty and sticky from all the heat… Damn it’s hot around here!

We always do this! Get overexcited on the first day see everything and get hurt feet over the next days. Oh but it was amazing!

Now let’s have breakfast and head out for more fun!