after Rome.

I’m already back home and now I’m in the after-trip-don’t-want-to-do-a-thing kind of state. I don’t even feel like editing pics. Meh. But I’ll get there! Unfortunately I didn’t take pictures with the canon 7d… Only used the 5dmkii and the fujix100, and I haven’t even looked at the pictures. I will, soon.

Had I stayed in Rome for a whole month and I’d be coming back huge and with a tan that would make any guidette jealous. I ate more in a week in Rome than I do in 3 weeks here, it was insane… And I also ate ice-cream everyday, so I’m pretty sure I put on at least a couple of pounds – my mother will be thrilled, as she’s always saying I’m oh so horribly thin (this is what all mothers say so I never take it seriously). She won’t be so thrilled when she sees how dark my face, arms and chest got after just a week. It’s not that I don’t like tanning! I love it! I haven’t had a good tan for a few years now and I dearly miss it! But I sincerely hate tan lines. And I’ve got tan lines of the rings in my fingers, of the strap of the camera and my bag, and of the tank tops which I tried not to wear because of, precisely, tan lines… So I wore strapless dresses that got me a nice straight line on my chest and back. I’ve got tan lines of my sandals!… I dunno how the hell I’m gonna make this right… But I will!

Tan lines and weight aside, everything else was a plus! I absolutely loved Rome. The best for me in terms of touristy spots were the Trevi fountain and St. Peter’s basilica. I was dumbfounded by the grandiosity of those. They are amazing examples of art and one should definitely try to see it in person at least once. The colosseum is also very spectacular and definitely a place to visit.

Putting aside the tourist spots, Rome is definitely a city well worth visiting just for itself. The little streets, the warm colored houses, the greenery on the walls and the little terraces that you can only spot if you crane your neck upwards. One other thing i loved about Rome were the little drinking water fountains in all of the city, those saved me from the heat and dehydration, and you won’t believe how good it feels to drink really fresh water in a hot day or just splash your face with it (i took the habit of splashing my face, arms, legs, feet and hair…yeah…).

That is the Italy I love and I will definitely be going back one day for sure… I threw a coin into the fountain so that makes it official!

Have a nice Friday!