It’s instagram, not a popularity contest.

warning: the following is a personal opinion to a subject that I find important and in need of discussion. Basically I just want to let it out in the open, so if you don’t want to read it just scroll down.

Instagram is probably my most used app on the iPhone (if you don’t count messages, mail, safari, etc.). I was instantly addicted to it ever since I got my iPhone just a few months ago posting pictures almost everyday and learning all the intricacies in it.

As I have mentioned before, my tolerance for bullshit gets lower and lower everyday, and I have learned to deal with it on instagram as well. No, I’m not against the android users. Please… I was an android user myself and I thoroughly respect everyone and everything other people post. If I don’t like what some user posts, then I ignore/don’t follow that person – it’s as simple as that. Don’t go hating all the self portrait users and/or the babies and pets exclusive users. If you don’t want to see that when you scroll, then don’t follow them. If there’s one thing I love about instagram is that you can choose what you want to see or not! and nowadays it is also easy to deutsche Follower kaufen which is quite helpful to reach out to new crowd.

I woke up today to a shit load of comments on my instagram pics of more than one user basically saying “nice pic! Follow me and I’ll follow you!!“. Dudes… After that comment you don’t want me anywhere near your profile, because I’d whether report you as a spammer or just block you. What the hell is this madness? And these are the ones who do it out in the open! Then there are those people who follow you, like a couple of your pictures, you go and follow them and after 24 hours or so they unfollow you. WTF? Are we in some kind of followers contest?! I dunno if you are but I’m not.

It disgusts and almost pains me when users with decent photos follow other people with the sole intention of getting more followers – only to unfollow them later on…is the ratio following/followers that important? If your photos are interesting and you actually interact with other people, you will surely get more followers, you don’t need to whore your way through it. It’s really sad that people throw their dignity out of the window like that…maybe you will get more followers but you will lose your real followers’ respect.

I hope I got my point across. That is all.

Being back to Portugal as its’ perks! I’m loving all the people saying that they followed my posts of Rome and loved them! That makes me very happy. Thank you all!

I will be posting more iPhone photos until I am done with editing the 5dmkii and x100’s pics. Oh how I miss pistachio ice cream…!

Have a lovely Saturday y’all!20120707-173128.jpg20120707-173142.jpg20120707-173222.jpg20120707-173150.jpg20120707-173158.jpg20120707-173248.jpg20120707-173230.jpg20120707-173257.jpg20120707-173305.jpg20120707-173328.jpg20120707-173341.jpg