the end of the day and a meal.

Here are a few photos from the end of the last day in Sevilla, and our meal at Los Corales. Actually, I was a bit disappointed with this place. We were there roughly a year ago and everything was wonderful and really tasty. This time they took forever to take our order and to serve some of dishes. The last dish we ordered was tenderloin with a mixture of condensed milk and something else I don’t quite remember right now. Firstly when asking for a medium rare piece of meat do not give us a raw one. That thing was still alive and kicking. People know what raw is, so don’t just serve them that!… Pretty simple if you ask me.

I’m thoroughly considering that is highly risky to go to the same restaurant twice if you had a really good first experience. It happens to me all the time. I have a great first experience, then I go again and something always sucks… But that’s how you separate the really great restaurants from the good ones, or the okay ones, I guess. Still, I was disappointed with Los Corales. The beer was great and really deliciously cold thanks to their high-end method for keeping them really cold… To anypne who takes a stroll in Sevilla and wants a nice place Los Corales is definitely worth a try, despite everything.

Have a nice Saturday! 20120818-034039.jpg20120818-034047.jpg20120818-034109.jpg