Very wise.

I think I have already mentioned (if not here, on twitter) that the only thing wise to do about wisdom teeth is to get rid of them as soon as possible. I didn’t.

And that wasn’t very wise of me. I have never had any trouble with my teeth, ever. I was the girl who wanted to get braces because everyone else did! When the damned wisdom teeth started to make an entrance it was more than a little uncomfortable. But I could stroll around, it wasn’t like I couldn’t function. It was very uncomfortable but that was it…

On sunday I woke up with the same feeling in one of my wisdom teeth. I shrugged it off for a while, until my face started to get swollen and the sense of discomfort went from that to pain. Not pain in the tooth, but in all area around it…yesterday I couldn’t sleep and by the morning I had to go see a dentist.

So apparently my wisdom teeth has no room… I’m going to have to take it out… And while I’m at it, the other three are goners as well. The procedure will only be in two weeks time, which sucks. I like to take things out of my way quick… And on top of that I’m on a diet of cold liquids and nothing hot and crunchy and ibuprofen, for the next days till the procedure day…


I’m telling you, get them out as soon as possible.