the not so lost sister.

Since we got akira from a friend, we have been keeping in close contact with akira’s sisters and brothers, so yesterday we managed to meet with one of his sisters for a little bonding… But it didn’t really work. Sookie (that’s her name) was trying to bite akira’s head off and akira was responding to the call…and since sookie’s owners have another frenchie, jax, and he saw sookie attack he would too. It was crazy and just too bad… It was fun to hang out all together still! And sookie and jax were both so adorable and cute! We had fun laughing at the dogs’ craziness! Hopefully next time sookie is going to be a little more relaxed.

On the way to meet sookie we found a street artist painting. And he was damn good! I’ll have more photos of his work later.

Have a nice day!