hello, september.

Hello september! And also hello to the new face. I hope you all like it as much as I do.

The first day of September and a new design make the perfect chance for a new post about Rome.

This is the 3rd day of our visit. And this is the day we had dinner two times in a row.

For lunch, though, we had just a few sandwiches… that were absolutely delicious. If you wanna get a cheap and delicious meal in Rome get into one of those places that sell cheese and ham. Chances are they will whip up a sandwich with their products, and some of them already have the sandwiches ready to go. Fresh ingredients, good bread and a bench is all you need for a nice relaxing and cheap meal in Rome.

After lunch we walked around and went to see the very famous and tourist packed Spanish Steps, had a Frullati at Pascucci Frullati bar (the website is a little bit…90’s-ish) and then headed, very slowly, taking in the views and stopping for a few beers and a snack, until we got to Da Bafetto, where we had the best pizza of our lives. No, I am not over doing it. It was the best pizza I ever had. Ever.

We had a nice white wine, the delicious pizza, a delicious tiramisu… and after that feast we decided that it was time for another meal. We found a restaurant that served cacio e pepe and decided (why not?) to sit and try it! The restaurant is called Montevecchio, and even though a bit expensive, it was very good.

Of course, after that we were absolutely stuffed… we headed to the hotel knowing that that was a crazy but exceptionally good decision. You should try it as well!

Enjoy the photos and have a nice evening!

PS. what do you guys think of the new design?? hope you like it.