almost goodbye.

I cannot believe we’re nearly a week away from the end of the month. Where the hell did you disappear to, September?! It’s almost time to say goodbye to September… Meh.

Things are starting to fall into place. It’s time for me to start writing the big words for my dissertation so that has been on my mind all the damn time now. I’ve got literally three months to write the first three chapters, that’s a chapter per month. Not bad… Not bad at all. Considering that I am a humongous procrastinator I’ll probably write the first 2 pages on the first week of October and then scratch it completely, procrastinate a bit more and write the whole three chapters on the week before Christmas. Yup.
Note to self: do not let that happen.

Also I hate bureaucracies. But I cannot complain. Not right now.

On other more geeky/needy note (I never know the difference, because with me it’s kind of a mish-mash of both), ios6 and iPhone 5 is out! I’m in love with ios6 on both the iPhone and the iPad. Love the new details.
And I still have yet to feel the new iPhone on my hands. I’m sure I’ll love it…!

I’ve also been super into interior design! Or rather I’ve been super into exploring the Internet in search for awesome blogs that depict cool, modern and Northern European inspired decor. I now have a shared board on Pinterest where you can check mine and Daniela’s choices and sources of inspiration on that matter. Take a look please.

And enjoy the weekend!