not ready for you.

The days are getting shorter and shorter, the temperature is dropping, there are more cloudy days, leaves are filling up the streets and I was woken up just yesterday by a thunderstorm during the night… It’s official. Autumn is marching in and kicking summer’s ass in the process. I refuse. Go away autumn and I am not ready for you yet! I want t-shirts and shorts and tops and sandals…! I hate having to start layering up on clothes… Gah…

This weekend was very eventful. In certain ways. Akira got sick and I got a cupcake!
I’ve been wanting to make a DIY bed for akira for a long time, but I found one that was cheap and it was actually cute. The fabric though, it sucks. It wasn’t perfect but he enjoyed it and I didn’t spend much money on it so win-win.
On Thursday I decided to give akira a good scrub because he was apparently itchy and had a few tiny bumps along his back. I do not want tiny bugs inside my house, let alone on my dog so I had to take care of it. So I bathed him and I washed his bedding, ours and the sofas. All under control. The itchiness stopped and I was happy with the end result of my sudden clean. The next day poor akira couldn’t even walk straight. He was scratching like there was no tomorrow and was hurting himself in the process. He to go to the vet.

We knew beforehand that frenchies tend to have skin problems. But we think akira is not a pure bred in the true sense of the word because his mom is taller than most frenchies, so there’s probably some kind of mix. Which is totally fine! It’s not like we’re trying to get him certified or anything, but what we usually call a mutt is usually much more healthy than purebreds. And I was hoping that the supposed mix on his mother side would give him some advantages. When I saw this thing on his back I lot all hopes though.

When a dog scratches himself it can be due to immense reasons… The most probable are bugs like mites, etc (I shiver just thinking about that). It can also be due to some kind of fungus or allergies. One of Akira’s sister has allergies…to what? Well they have yet to find out. It’s very hard to come up to a solution because it can be nearly everything. I am truly hoping akira doesn’t have allergies. It’s painful to watch him scratch so much…

Basically they tested him on the spot for mites and it was negative ( I almost jumped up and down), and they took a sample of his fur to test it for fungal infections – which I hope will turn out positive. If it’s a fungal infection it’s treatable, which is awesome, if it’s not then it’s allergies and we’re screwed.

So either way I have to come up with a good bed for him. I have to think about that and do some research.

Oh and the cupcake was delicious.

Yesterday keoshi and I went on an ikea shopping spree and spent a shit load of money buying (much needed) stuff for the house. So now it’s time to clean up and starting putting everything together.

Have a nice Tuesday!