It’s here to say.

There’s no turning back now. Autumn has entered the scene and is settling in as best as possible.
It’s colder outside and it’s now a dilemma for me to choose what to wear because everything is whether too much or too little…

But not everything is bad. I like this weather due to many other things. Firstly it calms me down. I like to focus on myself and workout more and really get myself centered and relaxed. It’s like a cleansing from all the summer craziness – I just usually do this much later, like in November, like it’s supposed to be. Secondly it brings a lot of memories. Years ago autumn also arrived early in September, usually when school started. And I have fond memories of that time because I actually enjoyed school, specially high school. I got to see all my friends again and I could go back to my sporting activities… That was quite a nice time for me. I miss that actually.

Now let’s hope that the weather goes this smoothly until winter.

Have a nice day all.

PS: I’m being a total bore, I know, I’m sorry.