rain and more rain.

I seriously thought autumn wasn’t for real. Autumn and I have had such a good relationship so far! It stays put and lets the sun shine and outside the temperature stays above 25 ° Celcius, but slowly and gradually dropping a few degrees at a time, allowing our homes to also slowly transfer its heat outside… I can wear tops and t-shirts and sandals and all this until November. Autumn, dude! It’s not even October yet!! Where’s the sun you usually offer me this time of the year??
I’m so disappointed…

To top the crappy weather I somehow got involved in some kind of scam. Someone wrote an ad saying there was a van being sold and they gave out my mobile number. You should have seen my face answering calls…

“Do you still have the van? Can I check it out?”
“The what? I don’t know what you’re talking about, really ”
“Aren’t you selling a van?”
“…not that I know of!”

It was quite funny. In a weird idiotic way. Just my luck! With a million other numbers they had to pick mine…

Back to the crappy weather…Today in the afternoon it really poured… And it’s cold! Bah. I miss the summer already. I can’t believe there are still eight months to go… Geh.

And I can’t believe I’m talking about the weather…
I’m gonna hit my head on the wall now, you have a nice day.