A very natural museum.

I think in all travels me and keoshi did never once we went to a museum. We feel it’s a bit of a waste of time because it takes forever to see and appreciate a museum and we usually travel for just 5/6 days… It’s so much more interesting to wander around the streets and discover cool places!

But yesterday morning was raining… So we went to the Natural History Museum of Berlin… And it opens up with a freaking huge *huge* dinosaur! Instantly, I fell in love. Who doesn’t love dinosaurs? Oh it was so wonderful… We spent a whole lot of time in the museum, and were very impressed by the amount of detail that goes into those exhibitions, it was truly awesome.

Then we are face with thousands of dead animals in formaldehyde. You had to crane your neck to see the top of the shelves and there was no way you could actually see anything… It was just…jaw dropping. Literally.

I’m cutting this post short right now but I will come back later in the afternoon for more of yesterday’s adventures.

Have a nice day!