Hello, my beloved Berlin.

Right now it’s 1.31 am, as I’m writing this, in Berlin. It’s cold out but so warm and cozy in this one bedroom apartment planted right in the center of Berlin. I slept for one hour last night, gone through three different countries and countless hours of trying not to sleep at Zurich Airport. Because you see, there are two of us, and two small backpacks with laptops and expensive photography equipment… Only one of us could sleep. I I got the smaller straw.
So I’m scheduling this on WordPress so you can read the post in the morning and get notified about it in the morning… Does that make sense? I dunno anymore. I’m extremely tired but very happy!
The apartment we’re staying at is beautiful and cozy and it’s right across the street to the most wonderful and amazing Japanese Ramen restaurant! I swear that at one point I thought we were in Tokyo and not in Berlin! Everything was perfectly Japanese! The chefs were cooking right in front of us and singing along with the Japanese music in the background… And so was I! I knew most of those songs and I felt like I was back to little-manga-obsessed-me! It was marvelous.
The place is called Cocolo Ramen and it’s a tiny place in Gipsstraße 3 that serves only typical Japanese ramen. You can also eat gyoza and edamame for starters as we did, become even more marveled by the place. The servers/chefs were sitting next to us shouting “itadakimasu” to the other chefs/servers as they indulged in a mixture of rice and fish and spring onion… I truly felt I was in Japan. Then my Shoyu Ramen came and I died and went to Fuji-sama for a little happy dance. That was absolutely delicious. Scrumptious. I would give it a 15 out of 10. It was *that* good. And when I told one of the severs/chefs that it was oishii he was happy! And I was happy.

What a wonderful experience. So very wonderful. Unfortunately none of us brought their camera… So we must go back tomorrow.

Other than the most wonderful Japanese experience since Aki in Paris, Berlin is still the very marvelous place I came to visit two years ago… Only better and a little colder.

Expect a lot more to come on the next days!

Have fun!