ms. cooper.

Today was a terrific day! That had to make up for the shitty days last week… I managed to make it a very productive day and get answers by outsmarting others…! Hence the Sheldon Cooper reference.

But I don’t want to talk about me today, today I want to talk about a very recent but great discovery, a Portuguese blog ran by a very nice and lovely Portuguese girl, One Life, One Chance. Actually, she found me. This was an enormous but very very pleasant surprise, because I very rarely check out Portuguese blogs, not because of any particular reason, I jut never made a habit out of it. I should however pay more attention to what people do in my own language, because I was very pleased with the way people write.

Anyway, this very talented blogger contacted me and asked if she could write about me and my photos and I was absolutely stunned and even more delighted!
Her blog is original and one can always find fun stuff to write or see or do (in other words, the complete opposite of my boring blog)!

You should, *must* check out her blog! Check it out! Use the translate button even if you can’t read Portuguese!

Having said that, have a look at the beach.

Have a nice night!