I have been having the worst week in a very long time. Honestly,the Skrillex song ‘kill everybody’ pops in mind… And it’s only Wednesday. I can only hope for a little better on the upcoming days or I dunno if my little heart can handle any more breaking…

Any who…! I have to thank you guys for the subscriptions! Keep’em coming and I promise to post regularly if I can manage.

By the title of this post you must have figured out that I’ve watched the Life of Pi. I rarely talk about any movies here – maybe I should talk more about it – but I felt that this deserved at least a couple of sentences.

I went to the movies expecting to watch the Hobbit but alas, I ended up watching the life of a little Indian boy named Pi and his tremendous adventure as a sole survivor of a shipwreck. I must confess I knew absolutely nothing about this movie except that it was based on a book by Yann Martel, who I’d known for We Ate The Children Last (another of his books, that I did not read but had read something on The Guardian about it and the title and its author stuck with me for being so odd). I had also seen the poster, an Indian boy with a great Bengal tiger. I thought ‘oh how cute they’re friends and all’. No.

The last thing I want is to ruin the movie for any of you who hadn’t had the opportunity for watching it, because I believe that part of my amazement was definitely due to not knowing anything about it. So…go watch it. Trust me. It most definitely jumped to my top 10 of best movies ever ( oh there’s a nice topic for an upcoming post!), and that’s saying a whole lot.

Visually the movie is just jaw-dropping and absolutely stunning. The story by itself is already a winner and brings about a message that will forever stick within our minds and our hearts, so go watch it, do yourself a favor.

Have a nice day.