the wrap up no.7

1. web finds

buying a gun in america — check these wonderful infographics by kelly anderson who transformed intricate and complex ideas into an easy and visual product.


2. something to eat

cozy in a pot — I’ve been cooking a few soups and it all reminded me how much I love soups! Take a look and be inspired.


3. geekiness

fitocracy — join a community, get motivated, achieve goals and earn points! It’s a fun app for anyone who’s into workouts.

strava — running and cycling app with GPS tracker, to record your runs and rides and to let you know which paths are the best!


4. eye candy

cardume apparel — our dear friends at cardume apparel made an appearance at Lisbon Fashion week ’13. Check the video result!

the blue hour  — brian is a wonderful photographer who makes most of natural lighting. I’ve been following his blog ever since he was living in the UK and it always amazed me how he was able to play with so little light (compared to where I’m at). His pictures make you feel warm and cozy.


5. places to go

sweet chick — I *must* go here. and so must you!


PS. wordpress is flipping me out.