zmar and beyond.

I have talked about Zmar more than once around here, but for all of you who are new, Zmar is basically a very fancy camping site. It’s an Eco Camp Resort & Spa, as they put it. I’ve known Zmar before it had a real spa and I’ve been going almost every year around summer. Aside the fancy stuff, like the ecological performance of the place, its spa, the tennis courts and various activities, the enormous outside pool, the waves pool and gym and the wooden little chalets…Zmar is basically the perfect camp site to relax. To not think about your everyday life.

I always camp at Zmar, but this time around we went to try out a small chalet that is called Zmobile. Everything was really neat and pretty and perfect for a couple (and their dog, because Akira was also with us), a great nice comfy bed, with enough room to move around and to hang clothes, a neat bathroom with everything you need, and a nice small kitchen with a small table that could fit three people and a nice tv, that you could watch from the couch hanging in the kitchen area. Everything was quite adorable and nice, including the small porch where Akira laid around enjoying the sun (that only lasted for a few hours on Saturday).

While there, we enjoyed our breakfast, our lunch and the ocean that is 10 mins away from the campsite (driving); we watched movies — gotta say that we watched Jurassic Park again, remind us that teh movie is just perfect and awesome in so many ways.

It was a nice, calm and relaxing weekend.

Hope you have a great thursday!

keoshi and akira
the beautiful view.
the ocean ahead.
a little bit scary.
love this view.
the perfect combination.

small details.
scary pretty nature.

akira on the porch.
our comfy bed.