the wrap up no.13

The week has flown by.

And we’re already at the brink of June, can you believe it? June. I’ve been working my ass off but I’ve completely put aside my dissertation…which I will need to get back to eventually soon. It’s just hard to get my mind around it now, when I’ve got so much to do at work. The last thing I want to be doing when I get home is sit in front of the computer and write…stuff. Ugh.

Anyway…let’s enjoy this friday.

1. something to inspire

food and lifestyle in La Toscana — I always find the Italian countryside so calm and inspiring.

2. something to eat

hash browns — looks so gooooood.

scrambling eggs — yes. always say ‘yes’ to eggs.

3. something to look forward to

deep kyoto — Japan ftw.

4. something for the eyes

tokyo times — pretty pics.

5. something to spend money on

oh hello friend — I love everything. I want all the necklaces.