the news.

To the ones that subscribe the blog, you might have noticed that you just got another email with the same exact post as before. Well this is because I just swaped servers, and my last post went MIA, so I had to upload it again.

About the news…*drumroll* akane kinomoto is now on facebook!
This was a very thought out decision — I know, I’m making this sound like it’s a life changing event, sorry — mainly because I really don’t care much about facebook and I rarely waste time there… I waste it somewhere else equally meaningless, but still. Anyway, everyone and everything seems to be is on facebook. I’m crumbling under the social web pressure and joining the masses.

All jokes aside, I am actually a tiny bit excited for this, because it’ll be a place for me to share things that I enjoy, and also a place for you to follow the updates on the blog. I am hoping I stick to the plan and post good interesting and inspiring things whenever I got nothing else to post on the blog.

Let’s see how that goes.

And I’m now leaving you with some more Vegas pieces and bits.



the golden arches of mc donald’s.
the venetian.
rose petals in a tub at Tao, because why not.
welcoming autumn.

they moved.
and an Eiffel tower too.