Let’s go 2014.

And that’s it. We have moved on to a different year. Just like that. It seems amazing…

Thank you for all the love in 2013 and let’s make this one a year to remember (for good reasons)!

My end of year was pretty laid back and lazy, just how I like it. We strolled around watched the fireworks, slept in and strolled around a bit more.

Thankfully, I’m still on holidays, so I had a chance to tidy up a few things around the house, and I’ll have to prepare lessons for the next term, so I’m already on full speed into 2014.

akira helping with lunch.

new entrance.
octopus in the pan!
onigiri-wannabe that was quite delicious!
see what I mean?
looking down.
akira doing his business.
Jerónimos, Lisbon.
keoshi and akira.
breakfast today.
ufo catchers winnings from Japan. This is only half of it.


Hopefully I will be able to at least take a picture now and then and upload it here. I’m not making any promises! But I’ll try.

I’m ready for 2014. Are you?

Let’s have fun!