Little Upside Down Birthday Cake.

After the emotional-ish blurt let’s get to the important stuff, like cake! I had to have a cake for my birthday, right?

I wanted something special and delicious, so I set out to contact Sanda from Little Upside Down Cake. Only one look at her blog and you’ll find the most exquisite looking cakes so I emailed her with my cake order.

After a few emails we set on a chocolate (my favourite), red fruits and mascarpone cake. I couldn’t wait to see it, but most importantly, taste it.

My day at school was super busy, as Tuesdays always are (because they are my most busy day, ah!), but when the kids found out it was my birthday, I found me thanking every five seconds, and they had funny and surprising ways to sing me happy birthday. While I tried to get out at the end of school day (3.45 pm) I got caught up by a colleague who had things to discuss — and you have no idea the difference 10 minutes make later in traffic. I hit the road at 4.10 and there was a huuuuge traffic jam due to an accident (check out the post right here to know about this incident in detail) on the highway. I only got home and hour later (it usually takes me 15 minutes to get home…).

At home, I had a loving and heart warming reception, filled with kisses and hugs — this might sound really lame, but after the day I had at work, it is true happiness to have someone you love at home with a smile on his face. Akira’s reception was included as well.

To my enormous surprise, despite telling Keoshi I didn’t need anything for my birthday, I had an iPad cover waiting for me. I was (am!) overjoyed! I’ve been wanting to get a nice iPad cover for a while. But the cover was too tiny for my iPad 2…My mind immediately ran through the process of having to put it again in the box to be returned and get a new one…when Keoshi pulls a brand new iPad Air out of his sleeve, that fit perfectly in the new cover! I was ecstatic!! I know this may sound very materialistic,  but it’s really not about the iPad itself. It’s about the moment, the feeling of happiness and the Love. It’s one of those things you can’t really explain with words.

We then went out to get my cake. Sanda was lovely and very nice and I was happily jumping up and down with a cake box in my arms.

Pictures will not do it any justice, specially because it was nighttime and lighting was crappy, but take my word for it, it was absolutely scrumptious. I had to make do with just a few pieces so I could take photos the next day with good day lighting.  It was delicious and unique, just like I wanted to.

I apologize for the crappy lighting.


Keoshi and me went out for dinner at Faz Figura (photos of the dinner for an upcoming post), which was also very very special. We had an agreement to not talk about work so we only talked about good happy moments and future plans.

Perfection – definition of my 29th birthday evening.