Spring, are we there yet? No.

I’m sorry for the radio silence! These past weeks have been quite busy at work, and I’m afraid it won’t calm down until the first week of March, when I’ll have a week break (sort of) and then it’ll be chaos again, for a few more weeks. So I’m basically waiting for the Easter break to come quickly in mid April.

The weather has been shitty as shitty can be. Rain all the freaking time and storms and wind… Just lovely. So I haven’t done much but go to work and stay at home. So I’m bringing you the photos of my birthday dinner at Faz Figura, and a few more random shots.






Everything was quite good and delicious, specially the starters. I had goat cheese with honey and rosemary in a pastry and K. a little pastry basket with a mix of mushrooms, cow bacon, garlic foam, and foie gras. For the main course I had the sea risotto and K the caipirinha salmon with cachaça foam and lemon rice.
The dessert asked for a crème brûlée that was quite scrumptious.
Definitely a very nice dinner out.

Last weekend we went to a game that was cancelled due to weather conditions (and the stadium literally falling apart), but they actually played on Tuesday and we won!


Yesterday we tried to enjoy the small glimpses of sun and headed out to Sintra for a walk. Even though my brand new car was on the verge of getting stuck in water and mud and my brand new nike shoes actually took a bath in mud, the day was very nice out and we enjoyed the spring-ish day.








And that’s what’s been going on around here.

Hope you have an excellent Sunday! Much love to you all!

PS: I forgot to mention Valentine’s day! Mainly because we have been so tired lately that we just wanted to sleep; so we got sushi, wine and sweets and stayed at home watching movies… And sleeping on the couch. Perfection.