Tokyo through the camera – part one.

August arrived looking grey and cold.

Now that I’ve had time to relax and sleep, I can finally start working on the pictures straight from the camera.

These will be fairly photo-exclusive posts, in its majority, because I really just want to share the pics without many words, or I’ll end up repeating myself. So here are the first couple of days in Tokyo.

just arrived after nearly 18 hours on a plane (one hour ish of layover)

girl and girl at the airport — but it was actually a boy and a girl…or was it?
passports and JR passes always at the ready.
some edamame and takoyaki, and of course beer in the background — it was incredibly hot in Tokyo, cold beers are a must.
Our flat in Tokyo was, once again, in Harajuku, so we had to take a walk through Meiji Jingu.
And of course we found something new — the Meiji Shrine is located in an evergreen forest of 700,000 square meters, so it comes as no surprise that we found something new.
admiring the view.
little hut.
submerged well — the water was so so fresh!

don’t forget to purify your hands before going in!

in the station.
Shibuya. Can you spot the new Sailor Moon?? only that had nothing to do with Sailor Moon, only loads of clothes on sale. I had to check! 
Maneki-neko Invader.
Train on the horizon?

It was a dream come true going back to Tokyo.

We thought long and hard about going back to Japan nearly a year after we went, and we couldn’t find a good answer for not going. Would we see the same things? Probably. Is that a bad thing? No. It’s Japan.

But we would find new things in places we had been before more often than not. And I am so thankful that we could do this trip. Wouldn’t have done it any other way.

Hope you enjoy it and come back for more!