To the Koshien.

So let’s finish this! I miss Japan terribly. We’re already thinking about the next trip to Japan, in a couple of years, and it’s going to be even better than before.

I still have photos from Ireland and Paris to post…! But let’s visit Japan now.

After a wonderful day at Universal Studios, we took the first train out to Osaka, where we walked around a bit and ate our lunch before heading to the Koshien stadium with Atsuko and her boyfriend.

Still in Universal's premises.
Still in Universal’s premises.
We miss you, Japanese rollercoasters!
We miss you, Japanese rollercoasters!


Being at Koshien stadium was like a dream come true for me. I am a big Mitsuru Adachi fan, who, for those of you who don’t know, is one of the best and most famous mangakas, whose mangas focus mainly on sports, namely, baseball. So I’ve been reading baseball mangas for a very long time, and just like any character in those mangas, going to a game at the Koshien was the ultimate goal.


Cold soba. Delicious.
Cold soba. Delicious.
Eel for keoshi.
Eel for keoshi.


And it did not disappoint one bit. Completely humongous and full of fans dressed appropriately with tiny plastic bats to make some noise while the game was on. There were also girls going around all the time serving beer. Now let’s pause here for a second. I haven’t been in other stadiums or games in any other country besides Portugal, but from my experience, taking plastic bats and drinking alcohol during a game would be a one way ticket to a bloody death at the stands, so I was absolutely amazed, once again, with how civilised Japanese are.

DSCF6131 DSCF6133 DSCF6136 DSCF6139 DSCF6142 DSCF6143

The whole experience was stunning. From eating out of bento boxes to happily celebrate the wins of Hanshin Tigers with everyone around us, to letting go of worm like balloons to celebrate the last point was just an amazing experience, one that we are definitely not going to forget.

DSCF6149 DSCF6154 DSCF6162 DSCF6165


There are no words to describe what was really felt by us during nearly four hours. Definitely unforgettable. And here are some videos (with the iPhone 5s)!

Hope you enjoyed it! Come back tomorrow for more!