Sunday randoms.

These last few months I’ve read quite a number of different mom’s/pregnancy blogs and the number of people who put pregnancy on a pedestal is mind blowing to me.

I know that for most women being pregnant is a dream come true, and yes, it’s life changing (no sh*t!), and yes, it’s wonderful to bring a new life to the world, but come on, how about the gory details?

I may be setting myself up for a few haters, because I didn’t even have half of the bad symptoms of pregnancy (morning sickness, being one of them), but the other day I completely freaked out because my ankles did not resemble ankles anymore! And how about not being able to do most of the things you could before? How about you can’t eat/drink whatever you want? How about not being able to travel (and boy that’s gonna last a long while…)? How about not being able to sleep at night?

Other than that, yes, it’s wonderful.

I also may be just a tiny bit glum due to a certain number of other things happening… and getting sick (sore throat, stuffed nose, etc), may also not be helping my mood.

Okay, consider this a senseless ramble on my part. Pay no mind to me.

Here are a few random pics.

DSCF6791 DSCF6790 DSCF6779 DSCF6789 DSCF6785 DSCF6781 DSCF6784 DSCF6786 DSCF6776 DSCF6777

Happy mother’s day!

And have a nice weekend!