Cherries, friends, beach and a countdown. 

I can’t believe I went without writing so many days!… I’ve actually been working on a post that should be a review on the vscocam app, but I’m still working on it. 

Days have been filled with good things lately, mostly. 

It’s cherries’ season and I just can’t stop myself from buying kilos of them and eating them for breakfast, lunch and dinner – hey, I could be eating m&m’s okay? 

 Last weekend, we went out with a couple of very good friends to a Japanese Izakaya here in Lisbon – Hikidashi. I’m trusting them and their taste buds by saying that the sushi was delicious, because I couldn’t try any, but it sure looked like it! 

I had some grilled ribs and they were to die for! Very very tender and just melted off in my mouth. Definitely have to go back for the sushi. 

It was an awesome, well spent evening.

   On Sunday we spent the day at the beach. It was waaaaay too hot out. 

     Yesterday we went to watch Jurassic World and it was SO FREAKING AMAZING!!!! One of the best movies I’ve watched lately and it definitely brought some very sweet memories. 

One other thing we’ve been watching is Sense8 – also freaking amazing! 

Aaaaaand here I am, three days away from (theoretically) going into labor. 

The final countdown is here. 

Hope you’re all having a wonderful time!