To my daughter.

Being a mom this soon in my life was not in my plans, but I’m cherishing every moment of it. Not always in a oh-this-is-so-amazing kind of way, but in my own way. A couple of weeks ago doctors found out she was too thin for the weeks she had on, so I was ordered to sit on my ass and not run around like a crazy person — as I would if I was working. It wasn’t easy, specially considering what I went through last time I was ordered to stay put, but my mind was in a different place, so it hasn’t been terrible at all.

Last ultrasound we had, Baby L was covering her face, as usual, but she did a couple of movements with her tongue and mouth that made something inside of me flutter a bit. Maybe it was also the doctor saying that if she was moving like that she was perfectly healthy. Maybe it was the first sign of the universe letting me know that, from now on, I’ll be one of those people who goes aaaaawwwww every time she sees a baby… I don’t know what it was, but it was definitely there.

I do know, however, that there’s a lot I want/need to teach her. So I decided to make a list of some of those things.


1. Don’t be afraid to dream. Dream big, but don’t forget reality.

2. Enjoy the present, always.

3. Life will suck sometimes. You’ll take all the kicks and blows, and you’ll understand that you’re stronger than you think.

4. Strength is something you choose.

5. When people talk to you, listen.

6. Wear sunscreen.

7. Don’t wait for luck.

8. Anime, manga and Harry Potter are not just for kids. You can learn a lot from it.

9. Dad and I are not perfect. We will always strive to do our best. You will learn from us but we will also learn from you.

10. Listen to your grandparents and uncle. You have a lot to learn from them.

11. Be brave enough to want to know the world, but don’t forget to come home.

12. Be honest. To yourself and others.

13. It’s not the quantity of friends that matter, it’s the quality.

14. Love unconditionally. But don’t ever rest all your happiness in one single person.

15. Fail, and fail again and again. Learn from that. Fear of failure is still majorly instilled in our society. Don’t fear it. Learn from it.

16. Read lots of books.

17. Take lots of pictures along your way. It’ll help you remember.

18. Listen to your gut. It’ll be right most of the times.

19. You’re not better than anyone else. Stay humble.

20. Respect others. Always.

21. There’s always something you can do: step forward.