Can I move in? #1

If you’re familiar with my Pinterest you’ll know that I love Northern Europe houses and their decor. Every once in a while I roam around websites like A Merry Mishap, Lovenordic, My Scandinavian Home amongst others and dream of those white/black/grey, simple homes, with splashes of color or greenery here and there. So I’m starting a new category here. Can I move in will show you guys homes that I fell in love with, every week.

Hope you guys like it! 

Fantastic Frank is a realtor website featuring homes for sale in Stockholm and Berlin. It’s one of my favorite places to dream with these wonderful houses. 

All photos via Fantastic Frank
How awesome is this place? I can almost see K grilling away on the bbq, and having lunch on the balcony, while Akira enjoys the views from up there… So good. Simple and cozy. Always. 

Have a great Friday!