Day 13/365

Today marked Baby L’s first two months! We had a doctor’s appointment and everything is running smoothly. Then we went for her first vaccination visit. Three shots in one go. Apart from the obvious cry of pain the first few seconds she behaved like a champ. 

Day 13/365 – two months old. 

Time goes by even faster now. It seems like yesterday that I was carrying this huge belly! 

Also today, Jim Gaffigan favorited my tweet featuring this pic:

Three versions of the same book! The book is amazing so it is definitely worth it. This wasn’t, however, a crazy attempt to buy the same thing thrice. You see, K got the Portuguese version of the book, and because I love the comedian so much I began reading it…

I’m forcing myself to read more in Portuguese – it’s very hard to have a normal chat when all your work is in English, everything you read and hear is in English, and the person you talk with the most is exactly in the same situation. Most of the time both me or K speak in a crazy (sometimes unintelligible) mish-mash of English and Portuguese, that I call Portenglish, and we understand each other fine, the issue begins when we’re speaking with other people. We just get blank stares back. I swear we’re not trying to be smartasses! It’s just hard…

So anyway, I started reading the book in Portuguese and found myself immediately translating the thing in my head in English. I couldn’t move from the 5th page. I got my iPad and bought the book! I loooooooooove real books but having books on a portable device that we can take anywhere, and read anywhere even without light, is just super convenient to open the store and buy books with one click. So that’s what I did! 

However K also wanted to read the book (in English) so I ordered it from Amazon, so that way I can continue reading stuff on the iPad, while he reads the book.  

And that’s the story of how we got to have three versions if the same book at home. 

Hope you have an awesome Friday. 

PS – have in mind that I always write these under sleep deprivation conditions, so if I don’t make sense, I’m sorry. Most times I fall asleep at least three times while writing the posts. True story.