Day 12/365

Apparently there was something very wrong with the website database. Whoever tried to access it after midnight was probably faced with something that was not the blog. Same thing happened with Now everything’s back to normal, so I’ll resume with last night’s post. Thank you! 


No I did not forget to write a post! It’s currently 5.30ish am of the 13th and I by midnight yesterday I was hoping Baby L was already sleeping so I could post. However she did not agree with my plan. 

She’d been the whole afternoon and evening awake, again just going for her power naps, that are getting shorter every time, and was still very much awake after midnight! I had her sleep on my arms but I dunno how many hours it took, because the only thing I remember is K taking her from me and putting her in the cot. I guess I fell asleep after that. 

Today, the 13th, Baby Leo is 2 months old! Can you believe it! I can’t. 

Now let me go back to sleep – we have a doctor’s appointment at 8. 


Day 12/365 – yay eggs for breakfast! I took the opportunity to cook some eggs because K was with the Baby. That tasted good! 

Have a good day!

PS – I’m also uploading the project on my journal at (it’s actually a perfect place for projects like this), so check it out for a cleaner version (less words).