Day 51/365

This Sunday was definitely a busy one. I’m so very tired… 

Day 51/365 – this little one is the cutest. 

Ever since I was s small child I’ve had pets; dogs mostly, and usually big ones – German shepherds and the sort – so cats never had much of a place at home. The dogs didn’t really like them much. But that didn’t stop me from trying to keep every stray cat I could find, and I found a lot. Eventually, after a while, the cats went away, because they just couldn’t stand the dogs, no matter how much I tried to convince them that the dogs just wanted to be friends… But for nearly a decade now, I’ve had a dog that loves cats! Unfortunately, my time searching for little kittens in trouble was short, so I only found one. This one became my best friend. She passed away last year and it was such a big shock for me that I couldn’t believe it. It was also a big shock for my parents and my dog, who lost his best friend. 

Because the dog became so sad, my parents got him another lady cat friend, and he was really happy again, even though it wasn’t the same thing. Now this lady cat, on the photo, came about a couple of days ago and my parents adopted her. Now the little doggy is twice as happy! 

And so am I. Some of my cat rescuing nature rubbed off on my parents and I couldn’t be happier about it. 

Have a great week!