Day 71/365 

2 am ish and again struggling with a fussy baby. So tired right now. Last night Baby L woke up literally every two hours – she didn’t even do that when she was a newborn – and me being used to her sleeping 6+ hours since she was nearly two months, it’s been rough. During the day she had her usual power naps a couple of times and now she just did not settle… Up until a few minutes ago. 

Trouble is, with her like this, I find myself not really sleeping. I just take a few naps. I wake up with every little noise, thinking that she is waking up… Urgh. 

I think that she is either missing Daddy (we both are) or it’s her theeth… Or both.

 Day 71/365 – 4 months loving these dancing feet.   

Luckily this is all worth it.