Deus 72/365 & 73/365

These days have been tough. 

Baby L has been having trouble sleeping, so I have been having trouble sleeping. I really wasn’t used to spending so many rough nights in a row, and it’s hard to keep up. Right now I can swear I hear sirens. There aren’t any, I know. But I can hear them. 

The upside to this is that I’m not working yet, so that’s a huuuuuuuuuge weight off my shoulders. 

I’m spending these days trying to appreciate every little detail of my daughter… How chubby her hands are, so she doesn’t have any discernible knuckles. How she sucks on her tongue every time she’s asleep… Her smell when I lay her down for nursing, after her bath… How long her lashes are… How she looks at me quizzically while I read to her Food a Love Story and/or Fresh Off The Boat… I could go on and on, but I don’t wanna be too boring. 

Right now I accidentally published the post without finishing it. *sigh* I think I know why I can hear sirens…they are surely coming for me.

Day 72/365 – birthday cake for Baby L’s 4 months. #ThankGoodnessforGrandparents

 Day 73/365 – I have the best Boyfriend in the whole wide world! 

Today I got a little care package from K, that besides having two balls for Akira and a bath toy for Baby L, it contained Kinfolk The Family issue (!!!!) AND a full 1 kg pack of m&m’s! How awesome is that?! Pretty awesome. 

I also made time for running a few errands (I should make time for running, period, as well) and to chop off my hair, finally – my hair is surely related with the speed of light. It grows in the blink of an eye. I also had the chance to drive around the city for a bit, and so many memories came to mind… Time is such an amazing thing. 

And tomorrow’s Friday! Enjoy it!