Days 75,76,77 &78/365

Boy that was a long (unexpected) hiatus. This week, especially these last few days were extremely tiring for me. Baby L decided to wake up every three hours (and sometimes not sleep in between) during the night…and just sleeping at all during the day. Her 20-30 minutes power naps were completely replaced with 5-10 minutes ones and I felt a little bit like a zombie – without the falling flesh and the urge to eat brains part – so I kind of put the blog aside for a bit until I had my brain back together – I’m still missing a few pieces though. 

But here I am. 

Day 75/365 – bad sleep cure: a good simple breakfast. It works, at least for a while.   
 Day 76/365 – it’s been raining around here. 

Day 77/365 – I had forgotten to take a picture. This one was taken in a hurry at the brink of midnight. 

 Day 78/365 – sushi night. Even though it’s Tuesday. 

Hope you have a great week, y’all!