a stuffed nose.

day49, sept18th 

It’s been a little bit hellish around here lately. Every time I stay “home alone” something happens. This time, not only am I having a hell of a week at work, baby L has got a stuffed nose. Trouble with little ones is that they don’t tell you if something else is wrong, so we just kind of guess it’s just a stuffed nose. Because she wasn’t able to breath properly during the night, she slept for periods of 20/15 minutes and would wake up in a panic, so essentially I did not sleep at all last night. 

Hopefully she has a better night of sleep tonight and gets better.

day50, sept19th – nearly midnight, trying to calm a very tired and very sicklish baby…

day51, sept20th – preparing breakfast. I know it doesn’t look like breakfast…but it is. 

Hopefully you’re having a great week.