I can’t hide you from it all.

It’s been two years today. I had found out I was pregnant and I was telling myself that it was really happening. It was an overwhelming feeling.

Today you’re nearly one and a half. You’re still scared of walking by yourself, but you’re starting to show your personality. You love books and music. And you’re stubborn, just like mommy and daddy. You say ‘go’ to everything these days, but you also say dog (in portuguese) and duck (in english). It’s amazing how much we learn from you, with you.

Everyday I pass through the nursery and kindergarten kids on my way to the senior school, and can’t help but imagine you there. And I get so sad because this world is so unfair sometimes, and neither me or Daddy will be able to hide you from it all. But there’s also a good side to the world, specially if you surround yourself with good people.

Always remember to believe in yourself, sadness comes and sadness goes, love hard and play life loud, it’s really the only thing to give a damn about.


Remember make believe in you
All the things I said I’d do
I wouldn’t hurt you, like the world did me
Keep you safe, I’d keep you sweet
Everything that I went through,
I’m grateful you won’t have to do
I know that you will have to fall
I can’t hide you from it all

But take the best of what I’ve got
And you know no matter what
Before you walk away, you know you can
Run, run, run,
Back to my arms, back to my arms
Run, run, run, back to my arms and they will hold you down

See, here’s the bloody, bloody truth
You will hurt and you will lose
I’ve got scars you won’t believe
Wear them proudly on my sleeve
I hope you’ll have the sense to know
That sadness comes and sadness goes
Love so hard and play life loud
It’s the only thing to give a damn about


All this time I swear I’ll never waste it
All your smiles I’m always gonna save them
Put it in the back of my mind
Whenever I’m away from you

This is a P!nk song that I listened to today, and it really spoke to me… It’s called Run.