Dear Ronda,

On March’13, I wrote about you here. I admired the fact that you and Carmouche upheld the main even inside the octagon. I loved you that very brief moment…then it was gone. Your attitude inside the ring shocked me. No humbleness, no gracefulness. I could only see a mean bratty girl trying very hard to prove she was the best at…well, something. Because I can’t see you as being the best at MMA, despite your record. You were, for me, a one trick pony. I looked forward to watching you fight, not because I wanted to see the other girl win, but because I wanted to see you lose. And lose bad. Which was what happened with Holly Holm. I was ecstatic!

And now you lose again. This time, I was half-expecting you to win. I hoped Holm had knocked some sense into you and gave you a piece of humble pie. Turns out you weren’t knocked hard enough. You lost and again, lost bad, and again, nothing. What’s with the bratty attitude, man? You lost. What was it that you refused to learn throughout life? Congratulate your opponent and be a good sport — you’d never lose if you did it, you know? Now I just kind of feel sorry for you… which is sad.

Dear Ronda, man up.

And have a happy new year.