Green paradise.

There’s a small archipelago in the middle of the Atlantic that is the definition of paradise. And it’s 100% Portuguese: Açores.

These beautiful islands are specks of green surrounded by deep blue waters, from a distance, and once there, it’s like you are immersed in a sea of beautiful shades of green, with clear crystalline water showing up here and there, and, if you’re lucky, a misty breeze on the horizon.

Back in November, we flew out of main land to Açores and visited the main island. We drove around the tiny island for 5 days and left wanting more.

In two more days I’ll be on spring break. I can hardly wait…!

And I’m already packing for the next trip – check the stories on my instagram, I’ll have a lot of those over the next few days, and I promise they’re going to be interesting! (and I’ll probably make a fool of myself, so…)

Have a nice Monday!